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Convenient, effective and personalized tutoring via a virtual medium is online tutoring. Online tutoring services offer tutoring support by qualified tutors right in the comfort of a home. Online tutoring services are gaining in popularity as people are looking to the Internet for support towards education and information.

Online tutoring is gaining ground as a reliable source of tutoring and is also becoming a trend among students. Tools such as digital pen and white board make online learning very easy. In general the online tutor and student live in different locations but share effective communication because of these tools. Online tutoring is a system wherein students and teachers interact live over a medium of broadband Internet network. Tutors and students connect themselves to a virtual classroom.

Components requirement for online tutoring

A student requires:

  • A computer

  • A set of speakers

  • A headset with microphone

  • An Internet connection

  • Software like shared whiteboard, collaborative voice application like Skype, Yahoo messenger, Google talk

  • Digital pad and pen

Help offered through online tutoring

Online tutoring can help a student with:

  • Assignments

  • Homework

  • Examinations

  • Regular course materials

  • Entrance tests

  • Subjects like Math or Science

Types of online tutoring

Asynchronous online tutoring: No real-time communication, student and tutor exchange mails regarding assignment, questions and answers, etc. Not many choose this option. Student can just send mails and get replies from tutor and need not sit for long hours with tutor. This is a cost effective online tutoring option. But the student can get replies only through e-mails and cannot interact with tutors live.

Synchronous online tutoring: Student and tutor are connected via the Internet. Communication includes audio and video, on-screen whiteboard, etc.

Here the student gets personal and undivided attention from the tutor. Highly interactive sessions as audio-visuals and multimedia are used to tutor students. Sessions can be designed to suit the pace of the student thus catering to the students' individual learning style. Online tutoring encourages communication and friendship among peer groups across the globe.

Who should opt for online tutoring?

  • Children who get distracted easily in crowded environment

  • Shy, timid and reserved children

  • Children whose parents don't have the time and resources to take children to tutoring center

  • Adult learners

  • Children who are not comfortable sitting with tutors face-to-face while learning

Features of online tutoring

  • User friendly, convenient and cost effective

  • Live, interactive and custom-made

  • Personalized study plans to suit individual students

  • Multimedia modules make it easier for the students to learn

  • Each session is recorded and made available during revisions

  • Wide variety of packages to suit individual needs

  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors

  • Regular feedback on student performance

  • Costs for online tutoring are based on the subjects, number of hours and such factors.

Online Math tutoring

Some children may have problems with math and may require extra attention. Online tutoring is a boon for parents who wish to seek some external help for their child. Online math tutoring is easy on children as they do not have to face the tutor in person while learning. This facility eases the tension in many students.

Students can take help for homework, assignments, test, etc. Students can take online math tutoring help in algebra, calculus, pre-calculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, linear programming, discrete mathematics, etc. across K-12. Graphics and animations used in teaching make math online learning fun. This motivates the student to maintain interest in the subject while picking up the basics quickly.

Students have the option to click through step-by-step tutorial answers. They can also choose from suggested math lessons or videos, or click for one-to-one online live tutoring. Online math tutoring is available for children of all grades. Kindergarten through degree programs, students can benefit from online math tutoring. Free online tutorials are also available.

Online tutoring sites offer pre-generated problems in all area of math, students can practice problems in areas where they feel they require more practice. If your child wants to work out using pencil and paper, you can download and print the worksheets for them.

Online Algebra tutoring

Algebra is essential in various fields of study and thus it is essential to get the basics of algebra right. Online algebra tutoring can help the student understand the subject and master it through the formative years. Online algebra tutoring includes:

School level

  • Basic algebra like properties of addition and multiplication,
  • Finding roots of polynomials
  • Plotting graphs postulates
  • Reducing fractions to various identities
  • Functions
  • Composite-functions
  • Linear equation solving to advanced topics like relations,
  • Inequalities, etc.

College level

  • Complex algebra problems

  • Assignments

  • Quizzes, etc.

Pre Calculus online tutoring

Pre-Calculus is a foundation subject for algebra. This subject is introduced in the secondary schooling level and is taught as a single subject or as two subjects - algebra and trigonometry.

Pre-calculus does not include subjects of calculus but lays the foundation for calculus. Pre-calculus deals with composite, differential equations, differentiation and integration, real and complex numbers, sets, polynomial and real functions, polar coordinates, limits, matrices, vectors, continuity, etc. This field of education in math prepares the student for higher level education like engineering.

Online tutors assess the current knowledge level of the student before beginning the sessions. They identify the weakness and work on those areas thus improving the student's confidence in solving problems. They teach new concepts after the student is thorough with the previous set of portions thus helping the student to catch up with regular school work.

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Online Tutoring Services
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