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TargetWoman is an informative portal dedicated to Women - This section looks at different aspects of the work - Career opportunities for Women, Working from Home and general resources for work.

Women don many roles these days - career woman, working mother, stay-at-home mom and homemaker. It all began around the time of the World War II. Women were seen entering the workforce in small numbers. But by the 1960s, there were significant number of women seeking employment. Statistics show an increasing number of women in the workforce since the final decades of the twentieth century.

Women have also made an appearance in non-traditional work sectors such as automobile mechanics, airline pilots and electronic technicians. Take a look at various areas of work such as networking job, IT work, and part time work and even social work and volunteer work. Find out more about career options like museum curator, bartending, foreign language interpreter and screenplay writing.

It it not surprising that increased level of education is leading to more jobs for women and better jobs too. The women workforce is largely noticed in the age group of 25 - 55. Women have some gender-specific issues regarding their work such as day care and maternity leave.

Work Life Balance

Juggling work and home is no mean task. Multitasking is often the order of the day. Maintaining a healthy balance of work and life outside it is essential for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Take up some form of exercise. Do not use work as an excuse to avoid it.

What is needed for both men and women professionals to usher in a work conscious environment, one that will allow both to actualize their potential and achieve their dreams? We bring you the best of the web on work ethic, work spirit and all the latest happenings on the work scene.

Career Options for Women Career Options for Women

Look up some really exciting career opportunities that you can pursue. From careers in the hospitality industry to those in law enforcement, women have made considerable inroads into hitherto male bastions. Is the glass ceiling for real? Can women make it to the top? Check out for yourself.

Jobs for Teenagers Summer Jobs for Teenagers

Summer is often the best time for hundreds of teenagers to earn extra cash. This trend is on the increase year after year. Find out what are the most sought after summer jobs for teenagers. You may look for a summer internship opportunity to simply hone skills, to earn college credit, to gain work experience or to explore an altogether different career on a temporary basis.

Work from Home Work from Home

Many a woman seeks a work at home opportunity so as to achieve some balance between the dual roles. Home business opportunities can provide an excellent source of income and outlet for the creative spirit. Some mothers prefer to avoid the career track or choose less demanding ones to avoid a conflict on their time and energies.

Beauty Jobs Beauty Jobs

Beauty makeover services include wardrobe analysis, style tips, body analysis, fashion advice, beauty tips, personal shopper, hair makeover and skin tone analysis. Check out various careers in the beauty and make up industry. There are opportunities galore, from working in salons, television industry, live theater and fashion photography.

Woman in the Workforce

TargetWoman presents painstakingly researched extensive information here in the form of thousands of condensed pages. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer the widest and the most detailed information on subjects women care about.