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Are you a stay at home mom who is looking for some additional income? Have you given up your career to become a work from home mom? There is an increasing trend among women who don't want to choose between their family and their career. Home jobs for moms are the answer to such women. They can take up freelancing or home based jobs for organizations. Home based business is yet another avenue that can be considered by moms who are looking for job opportunities sans the 9 to 5 routine.

Jobs for stay at home moms

Technology has made home based jobs a reality. Working from home through the Internet offers a seamless medium that allows mothers to take up home jobs. Organizations too are seeing the advantages of working with a remote workforce. Telecommuting is here to stay!

There are many ways and many jobs you can do sitting at home. Having said that, if you have a concrete, proven skill set, landing on a job that allows you to work from home is not difficult. On the other hand, if you are not sure of your skill set or have skills that require you to be present at the actual work spot, you will be well advised to learn the skills required for home jobs.

The Internet has seen a slew of sites that promise home based jobs and work from home opportunities. Telemarketing, freelance writing, direct marketing and affiliate programs, transcription jobs are examples of jobs that stay at home moms can consider.

Technical Job Opportunities

If you are good with visualization and you can back that with hands-on experience with image editing software, you can do freelance designing. Adobe PhotoShop skills are mandatory. If you are technically inclined with adequate technical skills coupled with a flair for writing, you may find plenty of opportunities for Technical Writing.

Essentially you may have to write User Manuals, Help files for software and products. Or if you are comfortable with coding, there are opportunities for being part of a team that builds Apps for mobile platforms and tablets. These are serious work opportunities which demand technical acumen and may demand committed time schedule from your end. At the minimum you may need to allocate 20 hours or more in a week. You will be required to be tooled with a decently configured computer with the requisite software. Online collaboration is easier these days.

Do you have a creative streak and love creating Video ? You may get a chance of piecing together slices of video or edit the video clips in industry standard Adobe Premiere. You can create special effects with Adobe After Effects for your edited movie clips. We have no bias in favor of any companies or software mentioned in this page - except that this writer has had the opportunity to work these tools. Technical skills are rewarding and pay well. But be prepared to spend long hours before the computer and update your skills at regular intervals.

Other home jobs for moms include home assembly and crafting, online surveys, stuffing envelopes and pay per action. Women who have a large network of friends can consider multi-level marketing and franchise opportunities.

While some are legitimate work opportunities that genuinely offer a part time career opportunity, many a fraudulent home based job scam has tricked people of money. Do not fall prey to scams of offering lucrative jobs from home. In any case, never pay up for getting a work-from-home jobs.

Other opportunities for moms are weekend projects. You can conduct cookery lessons, freelance as a fund raiser or hold art lessons for kids. This could involve crafts, needlework and alteration services. If you are creative, explore the ideas of making and selling handmade products.

You can consider becoming a virtual assistant online, doing secretarial work, data entry and customer service. If you are skilled with languages, consider home translation of documents or conducting weekend classes for working professionals or kids. Your love for animals can well translate into a home job. Take up pet minding or pet grooming. Ever considered a home-based cleaning service?

Working from home can be an extremely rewarding experience though it does have its fair share of hitches. When you take up a home job, you must allocate your time and responsibilities wisely. The skill lies in balancing home and work activities judiciously such that you do justice to your work yet your kids get your attention and care.

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Home Jobs for Moms
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