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Unlike regular jobs, the market is not streamlined to match the requirements of an organization with that of a prospective telecommuter. Being Internet savvy helps you look out for opportunities to telecommute. Beware of scams; do not register in sites that require a payment to locate jobs. Differentiate between opportunities pretending to be telecommuting jobs and genuine jobs posted on the net. Look up our telecommuting tips to aid you in your process of looking for work at home opportunities.

Telecommuting job hunting tips

  • Create a personal website, draft a portfolio. Specify your market training, experience, or skills that you already have

  • Look for jobs within a particular industry or category, field of choice

  • Use the Internet and search with specific keywords. Keywords like freelance, telecommute, telecommuting, telecommuter, work at home, work from home, virtual employee, telework, off-site work fetch good results.

  • Participate in relevant forums and establish a good network.

  • Post questions and get advice from like-minded people.

  • Post cyber resume on job boards

  • Register in Telecommuting/telework associations

  • Approach small/medium company with onsite requirement

  • Prove yourself and negotiate for telecommuting

  • Spread word through friends and other contacts.

Telecommuting home office tips

  • Important characteristics for a good telecommuter include being a self starter and good communicator. Such a person should enjoy the solitude of working alone and posses the ability to be flexible.

  • Establish a work schedule that is suited for the needs of your client, fellow employees and organization. Determine the number of days or hours per day clearly. Stick to deadlines that are given so as to build a good track record. To this end, you must plan your work schedule and delivery dates.

  • Establish and maintain a network with fellow colleagues so as to share information and work related issues as well as reduce any feeling of isolation. Find out whom to contact for technical and other assistance.

  • Ensure that you set up a home office such that it allows you time and privacy from the rest of the household. Constant distractions can reduce productivity. Use answering machine to take care of calls at home and keep your friends and family informed about your telecommuting timings.

  • Working at home may provide flexibility as far as work schedule goes but often this is not as easy as it sounds. It takes considerable personal discipline and focus to plan your time and breaks efficiently. Do not let the comforts and distractions of home come in the way of your telecommuting efficiency.

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Telecommuting Tips
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