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Telecommuting jobs let you work from home. Gaining wider acceptance this decade, telecommuting jobs are a major deviation from the conventional way of working. The Internet evolution and rapid strides in technology have made this feasible. Telecommuters can do significant work from a convenient home office. The recruiter reaps benefits of improved productivity and limited overheads and other operating expenses. As for the telecommuters, they are happier and well motivated.

Part time Telecommuting jobs

If you wish to opt for telecommuting jobs, you need to be extremely focused. Certain important traits such as the ability to work responsibly on your own without supervision is mandatory. Working as a telecommuter, you actively contribute to the growth of the recruiting organization sans physical presence on its premises. Health benefits and reduced stress, especially of commuting back and forth to workplace, availability of quality time are some intangible benefits of resorting to telecommuting.

However, do not expect the remuneration to equate a regular job, accept realistic earnings. Successful telecommuting requires conscious adherence to a systematic home office work schedule. With Internet access, make a wise choice in selecting the right job, matching your specialty and potential and redefine the way you live and work.

  • A PC or Laptop with operating system and software that meets the requirements of the Organization

  • A high speed Internet connection, DSL or Cable

  • A second phone line

  • Skype or other interaction application

  • Separate workspace with least interruption.

Telecommuting jobs from home

If already employed, consider if telecommuting is a feasible option for you? Is your job appropriate for telecommuting? Answers to these questions can take you to the next step. If you are determined that telecommuting will be the most ideal work pattern, adopt a strategy and implement the same. Prepare a written telecommuting work-at-home proposal and submit to the current employer for consideration. Persuade your existing employer to consider the proposal.

Provide work-related figures and facts to explain the advantages for the organization as well. Having a supportive manager can help in such cases. If your existing employer can't accommodate the proposal, it's best to look for other market opportunities. Embark on a smart research to gain insight on the categories of telecommuting jobs that are available. You can check with HR consultants, websites, online ads, forums etc.

Before beginning the hunt for telecommuting jobs, finalize a cover letter and up-to date-CV. Every telecommuting job requirement generates overwhelming response from thousands of people looking for 'at-home work' arrangement. An outline of a telecommuting CV should contain:

  • Name, address, phone number and e-mail address

  • Work objective

  • Summary of qualification (work skills)

  • A brief (relevant) work history

  • Educational qualification

  • Computer skills

  • References

It is essential that a potential telecommuting employee ensure that he/she explicitly informs the recruiter.

  • List the reasons for preferring to telecommute

  • Convey you are equipped for telecommuting

  • Assert your suitability for the job

  • Willingness to meet the employer

  • Open to work onsite for a while

  • Ready for a phone interview

Telecommuting job Categories

Telecommuting jobs prove to be advantageous to both the parties involved, the recruiting organization as well the telecommuter. As an alternative form of employment, telecommuting can be categorized into:

Complete telecommute: The entire hiring process will be completed online. This includes securing and completing application for job, interviews as well as hiring process. Also termed as virtual or remote work, these jobs demand high level of computer literacy. Ability to work without supervision and a high-level of self-motivation is a must to be a successful full time telecommuter. Direct physical human interaction is nil and the demand for full telecommuting jobs is high.

Half in/Half out: Part of the work is home-based and a section of the work demands fieldwork like meeting clients, performing offsite functions related to the job. This type may not demand visiting your company's office or even meeting people of the organization. You will have total control in terms of allocating time for work, fixing appointments etc.

A monthly visit or need basis visits: Jobs that require work updates, training, finalizing project fall under this category. This provides an opportunity for building better working relationship and the recruiter is able to evaluate the potential of the telecommuter.

Telecommuting career

While telecommuting career can make for increased productivity, it is not easy to balance life and work. Often those who are on telecommuting jobs have a hard time separating the two. It is essential to stay organized and chalk out a work routine, with well-defined hours. Separate your home life from your work life during the regular work hours.Self discipline is of the utmost importance. But telecommuting career can mean isolation which does not work well with many. While some jobs might require periodic meetings; others do not require any personal interaction.

All jobs do not qualify to be teleworked. It is normal to find telecommuting jobs in the following fields:

  • Accounting, Auditing, bookkeeping, budget analysis

  • Journalism, Copywriter, Editor, Reporter, Script writer

  • Market research analysts

  • Transcriber, Translator

  • Data entry operator

  • Graphic artists, Architects

  • Tele customer interface

  • Internet services (web designing, logo designing)

  • IT programmer, LAN Manager

  • Public health nurses for home visits

  • Public relations specialist

  • Travel related

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Telecommuting Jobs
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